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Building Shelters. Healing Hearts. Restoring Hope.

Treasured Vessels Foundation is building a residential community in North Texas that will operate as a clinically therapeutic aftercare program for trafficking survivors.

Phase I: Girls 18-24 years old

Phase II: Girls 9-17 years old

Building Shelters.

Our current project is to build a secure tiny home community to house, rehabilitate, and shape a successful future for females ages 18-24. We are set to open our doors in January 2020. 

Healing Hearts.

By aligning ourselves with existing organizations and survivor leaders, we can ensure comprehensive care and therapy as part of their healing process.

Restoring Hope.

Once their physical and emotional needs are met with shelter and appropriate programming, our desire is restoration of hope for the future.

Will you join our movement to make a difference?

Texas has


minors and youth victims in Sex Trafficking
In Dallas


underage girls are sold for sex each night

North Texas has


beds for trafficked children to heal long-term

Help Us Bridge the Gap

TVF longs for a community, a country and world where people are free from enslavement. We seek justice, dignity, and hope. We desire for people to learn to look past brokenness and cracks on the outside to reveal the treasure inside.

2019-2020 Project

Acquiring funding to build a secure facility to house, rehabilitation, and shape a successful future for females ages 18-24 rescued from sex trafficking in the DFW area.

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