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Alicia Bush

Alicia Bush is a native Texan, born and raised in Texarkana. From there she traveled to The University of North Texas and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Biology/Chemistry. Having considered medical school, Alicia had a leaning for the healing arts. Thus, she positioned herself in surgical device sales. This placed her in the operating room every day. She distinguished herself from her peers by her profound caring for each individual patient’s best care. It was this characteristic that gained the trust and respect of surgeons across north Texas. And thus she rose to be a top ten salesperson nationwide year after year. In 2014 she unequivocally made the decision to resign her sales position in 2014 after listening intently to a calling placed on her heart. Out of this was founded Treasured Vessels Foundation, a 501(c)3 not for profit corporation.

Alicia Bush is a wife, homeschooling mother of three, author, International Missionary, White House Faith Leader and the Founder | CEO of Treasured Vessels Foundation. Alicia's goal is to eradicate this tragedy and work herself out of a job. She is an active member in the C7 Coalition, North Texas Coalition Against Sex Trafficking, C3ST, Youth Homelessness Committee, Frisco Chamber of Commerce, Plano Chamber of Commerce, and the CEO Non-Profit Council.



Treasured Vessels Foundation is devoted to providing a long-term safe place for healing and growth to individuals impacted by trauma from exploitation in sex trafficking. We have a passion to help restore purpose and value to each person, while providing a holistic and comprehensive approach in therapy for a sustainable future.

No other agency in North Texas can match Treasured Vessels Foundation’s program with intensive, long-term mental health services and supportive programming that focuses on developing stability while increasing capacity for greater autonomy and long-term sustainability in the future. We believe in creating new pathways in restorative care and want to help each woman walk confidently toward their dreams and support them in achieving success.



Behind Our What


We currently serve females ages 18-24 rescued from sex trafficking in North Texas. We look forward to helping each girl walk towards freedom and receive the long term, residential care they need. Each bed in each home represents a life that deserves freedom and healing, and they are the reason we are doing what we are doing.

Women often come to TVF directly from jail, exploitative situations, or court. Many have tried to escape their traffickers before and were not successful. Most would be homeless without TVF's intervention.

We are

a residential community in North Texas operating as a clinically therapeutic aftercare program for survivors  of domestic sex trafficking.

We will

grow the capacity of our current program and become a program that is reproducible. 

We will

provide long term, comprehensive, holistic therapy.


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Treasured Vessels Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization | EIN 46-3947870