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Recent Study By The Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

A recent study was done by the Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault (IDVSA) at The University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work on the realities of trafficking in the state of Texas.  The numbers they discovered are staggering! We hear about trafficking, we know it’s a problem but we haven’t had data to reflect the enormity of this issue. 
Through this study they found that approximately 79,000 minors and youths are victims of sex trafficking here in Texas. Knowing these heartbreaking stats, the questions now should be: 
  • Since there are 79,000 minors who are victims of sex trafficking, where do they go once they are rescued? 
  • Where do they receive the care and treatment they need?
There are approximately 30 beds in the whole state of Texas that provide long term residential care for minors…only 30! These kids deserve better! They deserve the care and treatment they require to become healed and restored back to the person they were designed to be. 
Treasured Vessels Foundation is taking great strides to close the gap in this system. Our goal for 2017 is to raise $2 million so we can break ground and begin to build a secure community of 10 homes that will house 60 adolescent girls. 
Every dollar matters! If you would like to play a role in helping us raise the funds needed, you can donate here! 
-Alicia Bush
Founder l CEO 

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