Know The Facts

What is human trafficking?

Human trafficking happens when an individual is controlled through violence, deception or coercion in situations such as commercial sex, forced labor, or domestic servitude. 

What happens when a girl or boy is recovered?

No one has a place for them to go. Not the Feds, not the State, not CPS, no one.  Even if there were available spaces, there is a lack of placement available to them that primarily focus on their healing and restoration. A majority of the time they are identified as criminals and treated as such (incarcerated). Many are never identified as trafficking victims and many victims believe the choices they made led them to be trafficked.  The pimp/trafficker psychologically manipulates (brainwashing) them into believing:

  1. He’s their boyfriend or father figure.  He will gain their trust by meeting their every need, even if that means (at first) they just have a trusted friend to talk to. 
  2. They can’t go to law enforcement because they will be taken to jail.
  3. They can’t tell anyone what’s happened to them because the trafficker threatens to blackmail her with pictures or videos, or she’ll be bullied at school for ‘sleeping around’. 

If my child were rescued, I would want him/her to come home with me. 

They have experienced a level of complex trauma and PTSD that an average parent is untrained in how to properly help their child. They require a unique level of counseling for their healing and restoration. While a parent means well some can suffer from secondary trauma themselves and can be ill equipped to walk their child through the healing process.

What is TVF doing to help?

We are building a safe and peaceful place to call home.  Our homes will include a gated, secure community for restoration and growth tailored specific to our residence needs.  Some of our holistic therapy will include: equine therapy, animal-assisted therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy 24/7, academic education and so much more. 

How long is the rehabilitation program?

A minimum of 18 months. Some will need longer care for their rehabilitation and we want to make longer programs available to ensure they are healthy and whole before they are released.  

Learning about Human Trafficking

Over this past year we have managed to become a part of different task forces and learn from CPS, to help us understand the lane we were meant to run in. This has helped us get closer to tailoring our program to the needs of each survivor.

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