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How You Can Help End Sex Trafficking

Child sex trafficking can be a very difficult topic to discuss. In fact, we can have a hard time even imagining that this is happening to children all over our country. When we look at the enormity of this issue it can become overwhelming, where does a person even begin to put an end to it? 
In November we attended the JuST conference in D.C., where we learned more about this issue then we even knew existed. As we sat through each session the weight became heavier and heavier because of the heartbreaking stories we heard and the great need there was. It became overwhelming as we discussed what we were doing here in Dallas and asked, are we doing enough? 
As we walked into the hall where we were having lunch there sat over 700 people who represented non profits, law enforcement and many other groups who were doing their part to put an end to trafficking here in the US. The heaviness lifted because we saw that we weren’t in this alone, it gave us peace knowing there were others doing their part and they are in this fight with us. 
We know the lane that we have been uniquely equipped to run in, we know the population we have been asked to help. Perhaps you feel the same way we did. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with the enormity of this issue and you are having a hard time seeing a way that you could help. We have had many people help us with in very creative ways, they have been able to use what they have in their hands to help us keep moving forward in this fight.
If you are looking for a way to help, here are some creative ways others have helped by using what they have in their hands:
  • Business owners have set aside one day and donated a percentage of their profits from that day  to Treasured Vessels Foundation
  • An author donated her monthly profits to TVF
  • A jewelry maker has created a necklace with 50% of the profits coming to TVF
  • Print shops have donated materials we have needed to continue raising awareness 
  • A musician has held a concert to benefit TVF
  • Men and women with the gift of graphic arts have helped create marketing material and graphics for our awareness materials, social media and our website 
  • Those who have access to an audience have invited us to come and share our mission with them
  • Many have donated their time to help us with administrative tasks, creative work days and attending awareness meetings
  • Countless men and women have shared our social media posts with their audience to help raise awareness about the realities of domestic sex trafficking
We thank every single one of you for helping us by using what you have in your hands. Everything dollar donated, every minute spent volunteering matters greatly to us and YOU have encouraged us to keep going and moving forward! 

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