TVF 2020-2021 Impact Report

Looking back at the growth and all that was accomplished in 2020.

Looking forward to all the ground that will be taken in 2021.


Building Shelters. Healing Hearts. Restoring Hope.

We provide safe communities that restore survivors of sexual exploitation to achieve their true potential. 

Building Shelters.

We currently serve females ages 18-24 rescued from sex trafficking in North Texas. TVF's long-term program is tailored specifically to each woman's unique needs. 

Healing Hearts.

By aligning ourselves with existing organizations and survivor leaders, we can ensure comprehensive care and therapy as part of their healing process. Our focus on mental health sets us apart from other organizations.

Restoring Hope.

Once their physical and emotional needs are met with shelter and appropriate programming, our desire is restoration of hope for the future.


Will you join our movement

and make a difference?

Texas Has


minors and youth victims in Sex Trafficking
Dallas Has


underage girls sold for sex each night
North Texas has


beds for trafficked children to heal long-term

Help Us Bridge the Gap

Treasured Vessels Foundation is devoted to providing a long-term safe place for healing and growth to individuals impacted by trauma from exploitation in sex trafficking. We have a passion to help restore purpose and value to each person, while providing a holistic and comprehensive approach in therapy for a sustainable future.


TVF Vision

  • Grow the capacity of our current program from 4 to 12 beds and launch a new transitional housing by the end of 2021
  • Launch medical outreach program, drop-in center, and increase beds from 12-20 by the end of 2022
  • Launch our first community for minors by 2024
  • Become a model that is replicable and open TVF communities throughout Texas and the United States


to get involved


Make a monetary donation towards our many projects.


Join our team by helping plan, build and share the love.


Purchase TVF merchandise and help us spread the word.

Get In Touch

PO Box 2256, Frisco, TX 75034


Treasured Vessels Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization | EIN 46-3947870


Quality Construction Work

Wooden Beavers is a construction company located in Utah. We specialize in wooden constructions made from the ground up. We only use the best materials for our work. All projects are developed using old school carpentry methods.

The Wooden Beavers


Joe Pinecone

Joe was raised in Canada by Alaskan parents and later moved to Utah in order to pursue a career in woodworking. Being disappointed with the quality of modern furniture in general, he founded Wooden Beavers.


James Woodchip

James was a former biker, but wanted to do more with his life. In 2012, he moved from Florida to Utah. He met Joe at a cafe and soon joined Wooden Beavers. James also works with kids and teaches everything he knows about wood and nature.


Jack Buzzsaw

When Jack was born, he was left in the cold by his parents. What could have been a tragic story, turned positive as a Grizzly Bear couple took care of him and taught him all he knows about nature. His skills are the best, but he doesn't say a lot.

Wooden Beavers Playground


Long Beard

When we start a new project, you can expect 100% quality and craftsmanship. All projects include no-nonsense tools and materials. On top of this, we also make sure to give an authentic appearance and that includes a well groomed beard.

Lumberjack Shirt

No construction job would seem authentic without us wearing Lumberjack Shirts. No matter how hot it is outside, you should expect us to wear our signature red and black lumberjack shirts. On special occasions, we wear blue denim shirts.

Masculine Armpits

When getting real close, you will be greeted with the true essence of masculine woodworking. A sent including (but not limited to) hints of coffee, leather, pinewood, tobacco, grease, oil, old tools, rust and of course, molted old forest cabin.

Latest Project

The new owners of Idaho Tea & Coffee House wanted to give their place a complete makeover. We turned this boring looking cafe into a remarkable place. Both inside and outside, we built new furniture made to last heavy use and bad weather. All the wood used for the project was delivered from a nearby sawmill.

Let's work together

If you have a creative project in mind, get in contact with Wooden Beavers today! When it comes to quality woodworking, we are the first you should call. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Wooden Beavers
4716 Kemper Lane
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84104
Phone: 801-927-7117

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