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How to Spot Trafficking while Traveling

The world is becoming more connected through the convenience and luxury of air travel. However, this has created an avenue for human trafficking as well. Most Americans at some point have flown on an airplane but have probably never thought that trafficking could be happening on their very own flight. Although the numbers are hard…

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Human Trafficking and Health Care

Picture of Paper Cut out family

In recent years, with more knowledge being gained about the human trafficking industry, one setting that can make a big difference in helping to rescue women is the healthcare industry. What most individuals think of as an underground and hidden crime may actually be quite visible in hospitals and clinics. A trafficked girl or woman…

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Trickery of Treats

Halloween is full of so many fun things: Ghosts, goblins, witches, costumes, pumpkins,pumpkin patches and apple cider, and candy. However, how fun is candy when the cocoa’s origins are quite the opposite. In a season where “around 90 percent of Americans buy candy,spending $2.6 billion (Amadeo, 2018),” it’s no wonder the demand perpetuates the less…

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What Does Domestic Violence Have To Do With Human Trafficking?

What exactly is Domestic Violence?  You’ve probably been educated on what domestic violence is and how much damage it can do to an individual, family and relationships as a whole. However, you probably haven’t thought much on the relationship between domestic violence and human trafficking. To refresh your knowledge on domestic violence, let’s first define…

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Spotlight on Nigeria

In the world of sports, you envision most people cheering on their favorite team dressed in their appropriate sporting attire.  You imagine the smiles and cheers when the team is doing well and the hope from others when their team is falling behind.  What you don’t envision is children, innocent children, being taken from their country to…

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