Women who are being trafficked are in need of shelter but often find themselves in places they fear the most. Traffickers typically isolate their victims from their friends and family, leaving the women far from home. Long-term shelters, like Treasured Vessels Foundation (TVF), are a vital lifeline to sex trafficking victims in need of a safe place to heal and recover. Two years ago, our 5-year long journey became a reality, when we opened up our first safe home.

One survivor shared, "Just because the world is on hold, does not mean that human trafficking has hit a pause button." We have seen an increase in applications for our program since the beginning of Covid-19, and yet we do not have the capacity to serve each young woman. Dallas ranks #2 in Texas for human trafficking with an estimate of 79,000 minor and youth victims. Without our program, the young women that we serve would not only be homeless but would also continue to be exploited. That is why we pioneered our program and are looking to empower our community with new tools, resources, and connections in this coming year.

You are the reason that we are able to provide women with a safe space where they can come to heal their minds, body, and spirit. For all of these reasons and more, we want to thank you and remind you that without your dedication and generosity, none of this would be possible. Our goal is to double the capacity of our program. We know that this vision is attainable - if we work together.