A Solution

Did you know that today, in the state of Texas, there are 79,000 children that are victims of human trafficking – the average age of these victims is just 12-14 years old.  

Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with an estimated 40 million victims of slavery in the world today.  Though the hidden nature of the crime means it is difficult to accurately estimate the number of children exposed to this form of abuse, Texas ranks #2 in our nation for being one of the busiest human trafficking states.

This epidemic is happening across large and small Texas cities and in all socio-economic areas.  It continues to see explosive growth year over year.  In fact, Collin County convicted a man to 40 years in prison for trafficking.  Recently, Detective Cody Webb with McKinney’s police department’s special victims unit said of trafficking, “It’s here.  It’s in our community.”

That is where we come in.  Treasured Vessels Foundation is committed to providing a solution to stop the cycle. We are a local non- profit on mission to fight child trafficking through a two prong approach:

  • Prevention education for youth, parents & community
  • Building a tiny home community in Collin County to provide long term, rehabilitative care for girls, ages 11-17, who have been victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation

When a victim is rescued today, there is nowhere for them to go to get the help they need.  They continue to be at risk because they don’t have the resources to heal.  There are ZERO long term residential aftercare facilities in North Texas with a treatment plan that has been proven to successfully treat and care for sexually exploited youth. Our homes will provide education, individualized therapy plans & multiple forms of therapy to restore victims’ lives.  

The prognosis for children who receive the right care is incredibly positive with data showing that they are able not only survive, but thrive and become positive contributors to the society around them…but that won’t happen without our help.  

You can join us in the fight to save our children by donating to Treasured Vessels Foundation.  Your donations will go towards our efforts to build homes for victims, educate our community, and help to eradicate trafficking.